Wednesday, May 07, 2008

We found some great Training Pants!

Potty Learning is around the corner. S has on and off weeks. Right now she is off, but I'm waiting for her next week "on" and then it is a go. I suspect B will follow as she seems to be sort-of interested when S is hanging on the potty. I have my doubts that C will do it, though. Even when both of her sisters are sitting on their potty, she is off in her own little world. The only time she showed any interest was when S and B were fighting over the pink potty. Then she had to get into the fray and cry over the green potty. LOL

In my quest for awesome trainers, I have to say, the Little Beetle Learners are the best I've found. No stay-dry or water-proof layers, all natural, super trim. They are also very low-rise which the girls like.

We've also tried on the Imse Vimse trainers (a little more bulky and full-cut), the Inspiration Trainer pattern off of Hyena Cart's Inspired Congo (nice, but the quality and fabric is going to depend on the WAHM) and Gerbers (Probably good in the later stages or if you are reallly diligent as they aren't super-absorbant. With 3 toddlers running around, I can get a bit distracted...)

The thing that worked amazingly well, though, was a help doubler inside a tight-fitting Luxe cover. (We had a day when everyone wanted to wear panties and I didn't have any trainers.) Better for Babies has wool panties for the same cost as the trainers, so I'm going to get those and just work with the trainers we have.

Better for Babies - Little Beetle hemp and organic cotton fitted diapers, organic wool diaper covers , Didymos and EllaRoo baby slings