Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Once upon a time...

I was totally into the cloth diapering scene. We were flush and I was enjoying experimenting with diapers and playing with woolies. I still love my cloth (and we won't even talk about wool)
but I'm not as into "the scene" anymore. I guess it goes with the territory of having girls who are on the cusp of potty learning.

Anyhow, at the height of my involvement, I wanted to have a diaper store. A real, brick and mortar store that would spread the cloth love around Los Angeles. It never happened, though I'm still playing with an idea that would incorporate diapering but not focus on it. Another post, though. I also toyed with setting up a cloth diapering information site. Not selling anything, but sharing the information and experience I have culled from numerous boards and sites adn real life experiments. Again, it went no where. But now I'm going to do something about it.

I'm going to share it here! I'm planning a series of posts about different diapering topics. Sharing all that stuff swirling around in my head. Stuff only my lamp knows. (That was just for you, Kelly!) So keep your eyes peeled for coming posts about diaper types, brands, fit, function, care, upkeep, what not to do, what to do, etc.

Depending on how this goes, I might have a similar series about baby carriers , too!