Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Day Spent Together

Is sanity saved.

My online friend K has been musing lately about how she needs to spend more time focused on her daughter (just shy of two) by getting "on her level" and actually focusing on what was happening in that moment. As is my wont, I got to thinking about this and how it seemed like something that applied to my girls and I. (Didn't hurt that I read something similar to this in a book around the same time.)

So this morning I decided to give it a whirl. We woke up and the girls helped me make pancakes by taking turns pouring and stirring. I didn't pop them in front of the TV while I cooked. At breakfast I sat and talked with them while we ate instead of checking my email at the table.

After the girls and I cleaned up, we got out bath supplies and bathed the babies. Batya helped me change Zeus' food and water. The girls had a snack while watching Sesame Street and I cleaned up the bath mess. I also got about 20 minutes to browse online.

Then we all went upstairs to get dressed and then headed out for a walk. We hit the Red Balloon sale at Gymboree (bit of a disappointment) and stopped by Coffee Bean for some juice (girls) and coffee (me). Then we stopped by the market to pick up a couple things for dinner before heading home.

Once home, the girls napped and I loaded the dishwasher, set some clothes to soak and then got online. Once the girls were up, we read and had snack.

Then Iris Ohr came to visit while I prepared dinner. I sat with them at dinner instead of playing on the computer or reading. Then I cleaned up while the girls played and then it was time to get ready for bed.

It was a full day and I really feel like I didn't get a lot of "me time" but the day was a lot easier than many in the past. I only got frustrated with a couple things, though. (Stop dancing on the table! Don't smear cheese on the chair!) I'm not sure if I can keep this level of involvement up without a break, but even a couple times a week, it will be good.

Now, if only Thursday and Stitch n' Bitch would get here tomorrow...