Sunday, June 15, 2008

A girl, a door and a keyhole that wasn't.

So, yesterday evening I was in the kitchen cleaning up cottage cheese from the floor (Don't ask.) when Shira comes into the kitchen.

S: Chaya downstairs.
Me: Yes, Chaya's downstairs.
S: Chaya shower.
Me: *puzzled* Chaya's in the shower? Okay...
S: Chaya bathroom.
Me: *sigh* What is she doing?

I go downstairs. Its dark. The bathroom door is closed. I say a quick prayer that the door is unlocked. Nope. Its locked. Two voices are inside.

Me: Chaya? Open the door.
Me: Turn the door knob.
Me: That's it! Turn the door knob.
*rattle, rattle, jiggle*
Me: Batya, honey, turn the door knob.
*rattle, juggle, rattle*
Me: You can do it! Just turn the knob.
*clank, rattle*

So I feel around at the lock. (No lights are on and its Shabbat so no turning on lights unless its an emergency and I didn't feel like we were at that point.) I can feel an indentation in the knob so I get a few things to try as keys but nothing works. Then an idea strikes and I open the door to the garage and enough light comes in that I can see that it isn't an actual key hole but an indentation. So I use the side of the house key to turn the indentation and pop the lock open.

Inside, there is a pile of toilet paper in the middle of the floor but otherwise the room looks fine. I say a quick prayer that the toilet isn't full of paper and check. No paper. Good.

Chaya: Hi Mommy!
Me: Hi honey. Go upstairs.

Now, who wants to hear about the celery, goggles and knitted gnome on the upstairs landing?