Sunday, June 15, 2008

Grandma, Grandpa, Grandma Lorraine, Safta, Aunt Jackie, Iris Ohr, Shimon and now Avi

You will all be happy to know that at least once a day the girls (and Shira in particular) ask about you. Mostly if you are home and asleep. But they are asking. LOL

Shira: *out of the blue* Grandma? Grandma home?
Me: Yes, Grandma is at home.

Just replace "grandma" with any name. And if I just say "yes" then she asks again and again until I clarify that "yes, Grandma is at home."

And anytime we get out the barbecue, the litany goes, "Grandpa? Grandpa here? Grandma 'Raine? Water?" (Grandpa helped put the barbecue together while Grandma Lorraine took the girls to play in the AOL fountain. They haven't forgotten.)

Iris Ohr and Shimon have a special place in the routine. They are always sleeping. Apparently, in the girls' world, that is the only thing that would keep someone away. Aba has remarked that they seem to sleep a lot. And when someone tries to correct her, Shira will screech that they are sleeping! At home!

The newest member of the club is Avi. I was getting the last salad ready for the table when Shira asked is Avi was home. I was so startled I didn't answer so she asked again. I told her I though so, but to ask Aba.

Shira: Avi. Avi home? (sounded more like abeee 'ome?)
Aba: What?
Shira: *looks at me* Avi?
Me: She wants to know if Avi is home.
Aba: Where did she...
Shira: Avi?
Aba: Yes. Avi is at home.

Poor Aba. He's worried about his girls thinking about boys already.