Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Monday

So good to me.

So many things going on here and it is making it hard to find the time to devote to my little blog home. (And isn't that just like the real house? Eeep!) So, some quick updates and I'm working on adding some specific blogging time to my day this summer.

Last Thursday was the last day of Shabbat class for the girls. They had their siyum and as they ate cupcakes the teacher went over the shapes we find in Judaism. (Triangle Oznay Haman, Rectangle mezzuzah, etc.) and my girls didn't know any of them. Yeah, they are only 2, but they were with other two year olds who knew them. It just hasn't come up in our daily to-dos. Not like letters and numbers and animals.

So I've made a little class on Monday mornings following the outline of the Shabbat class for shapes and colors. Today was squares. We learned about the shape, had square snacks and went on a square hunt. I also planned some art, but we had so much fun looking for squares that we didn't get to it later.

So, our weekly schedule (mornings only) looks like this:
  • Monday: Ima school
  • Tuesday: Art and whatever we want
  • Wednesday: Farmer's Market
  • Thursday: Music (same time, place and teacher as the Shabbat class)
  • Friday: Shabbat class with Ima

This brings out my fears about over-scheduling, but I have to remind myself that, other than Thursday's class, I'm running the show on the other days so we can make it 10 minutes or all day. Plus, after the classes we have lunch and naps and then the girls are free to do what they want.