Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One Pancake, Two Pancake, Three Pancake, More

Its so funny how the most mundane things can really show the differences in temperament and learning style.

This morning the girls and I made pancakes. Then we sat at the table to eat them with knives, forks and jam. All the girls had the same plate, the same set of fork and knife and the same dollop of jam to go along with their (whole) pancake.

Chaya: Digs right in. Eats the jam with her fingers and the fork and then picks up the pancake and eats it.

Shira: Attacks the jam and pancake with the knife. Cries when Aba "helps" and cuts her pancake for her. Ima trades the "broken" pancake with a whole one and another dollop of jam and all is well.

Batya: Hands me her fork and opens her mouth like a baby bird.