Saturday, June 07, 2008

Quick update

Sorry I've been so neglectful! As some of you know, Shavuot is around the corner (read tomorrow night) so I've been busy with preparations. I can tell you that I am not as organized for this holiday as I have been for others. Still busy trying to fit my usual rush of preparations into life with toddlers.

The first year, the girls were 6 weeks old so it was pretty simple. No guests and not going anywhere plus the girls pretty much slept the whole time.

Last year, the girls were 13 months old. At the "here, play with this so I can do my stuff" stage. Also, they were unable to go up the stairs and still napping twice a day. They also weren't eating all that much as far as solids go.

This year, Shira is helping by getting out all the plastic silverware and spreading it around my kitchen. Batya is bringing her shopping cart into the kitchen. Chaya is dragging the step stool around to help her reach whatever is on the counter. And they play with my computer so my habit of streaming NPR or listening to podcasts doesn't work so well.

I want to say that I'll do this or that next year, but I know preparing with three year-olds will be different that with two year-olds so why bother planning?

Instead I will simply work on planning out what I want to make each week for Shabbat and start a file of "go to" recipes for holidays and when we have guests. And go back to my "plan, plan, plan. List, list, list" ways of yesteryear.

So, you ask, what is on the menu for the chag?

Sunday Night
Moroccan fish, assorted salads, roast chicken, fruited rice and veggies of some sort (have to see what looks lovely at the market), tishpishti and fruit.

Monday Lunch
Horseradish salmon, spinach salad with citrus, assorted salads and a cheese and fruit plate for dessert.

Monday Night
Moroccan Salmon, assorted salads, Yerushalami (noodle) pashtida, Casablanca Couscous, Chicken Bstilla, rice, fresh veggies, tishpishti and fruit for dessert.

Tuesday Lunch we are going to a potluck buffet at the Beit Knesset and I'm bringing some veggies.

Salads include fresh beets, Moroccan carrots, shredded carrots, Isralei salad, fruited bulgur, tomato confit and avocado and endive salad. I'm also making some barley and cumin bread in honor of the completion of the omer.

I won't be back online until Wednesday but I will be back with some pictures, some art work from the girls, a wonderful WAHM recommendation, a fun Thursday Thirteen and some of my own crafty creations.

Have a wonderful couple of days and Chag Sameach!