Sunday, June 08, 2008

Fun with Castor Oil

My girls are officially greasy monkeys. C managed to open a bottle of castor oil. Virtually new 8 ounce bottle of castor oil.

I was getting dressed and the girls were playing in the shower. Soon, Shira is asking me to open the door. (She got out, the door was closed behind her and neither Chaya nor Batya would open it for her.) I go to open the door and remove the kleenex she was trying to take in with her. I'm looking at her and wonder why is she so shiny? Then it dawns on me.

I touch her on her arm and she is sticky. I look in the shower and Chaya and Batya are both shiny with hair plastered to their head. After a quick scrub down in the bath, they were still a bit sticky and greasy and spent Shabbat with their hair plastered to their head.

I ran and got some Dawn after Shabbat and tomorrow I'll be scrubbing hair in the kitchen sink. I've even got some swimming goggles to protect eyes from dish soap.