Thursday, August 07, 2008

Four Words

As to why things aren't moving around here.

Sick. As. A. Dog.

I could also go with:
The. Night. Of. Hell.

I'm assuming it was from our last music class simply because the timing fits and I can't think of another place int he right time period. Basically, Saturday night S was a bit whiney. Sunday she was sick. No doubt about it. I amped up the echinacea, but it was too late and Sunday night B was whiney, too. Then Monday C started. I was starting to feel it, but coping and the girls were doing fine with a little Benadryl at nap/bed time (at this point they are mostly sneezing and runny noses) and extra TLC the rest. Then night fell...

2:30 was when we got the last hold out asleep. Seriously. I've never had a worst night with them. Not even the freak-thing at the NICU. We would think we had one taken care of and she would pop back up like she was on speed. By this time I had switched to Triaminic (the ped's favorite) because the sneezing was gone and there was congestion and a cough. B and C both got hot (101 for B and 102 for C) but a dose of Motrin followed by Tylenol took care of that. (Thanks dad!) Then, of course, C (who hates medicine) shoved her hand in her mouth to puke up the Tylenol all over both of us and the bed.

So I just took her into the shower. She wailed the whole time until I said, "Okay, let's get out." Then we got dressed and headed downstairs (after midnight) and Aba makes the mistake of saying how C had been asleep and all the crying had woken her up and Ima had to take her into the shower because she was sick. Guess who spent 10 minutes screeching for a shower? Usually the "so-and-so is sleeping" routine keeps the others quiet, not this time. We say B is trying to go to sleep. S screeches that she doesn't want to go to bed. And she screams this over. And over. And over.

Around 2:00 we got them all fairly calmed down so I prepared a diluted bottle of milk for all (tried soy earlier and that was a no-go so they all got 3 oz of milk and 3 oz of water) and headed to bed with Chaya. By this time I am full-blown sick and so congested I can hardly breathe. I get myself settled and fall asleep. C does her "down stairs, upstairs, this side, here" routine. I'm not sure how long that lasted, but at 2:30 Aba came in to bed. He says S dropped almost immediately and B took 10 minutes to settle.

Tuesday I fed them, changed them, got them full sippies and some fruit, locked the living room gate, turned on the TV and slept on the sofa for most of the day while they tore the living room apart, took off diapers, peed on the floor, beat each other up and played with anything they could get their hands on. That room is pretty secure, though, so the urine and poop were the only big issues. I got up to take meds, change diapers, feed them, answer the phone or make myself some tea. I feel really bad about the state of the house when Aba came home, but the last time I was this sick I had three babies the following week.

We are all a lot better (Thank G-d!) today. I get winded easily, but have moved onto the achey-from-coughing-and-waiting-for-my-ears-to-pop stage, the girls are still a bit congested but mostly back to runny noses and Aba seems to have escaped. I still have a hard time getting comfortable to sleep and wake-up all the time. Which is why I'm up at 3:00 AM.

And so is B, apparently. Gotta run!