Saturday, August 02, 2008

Hello all!

What a break from the blog. I really didn't plan to take such a long one, but things have been busy and, to be honest, I was just feeling a bit blah and overwhelmed by it. But I've gotten a few emails and IMs asking for an update and how everything is so I thought I would pop in for a quick update. I'm still busy doing some household stuff so I'm not certain how many updates I'll be able to do, though.

On the home front, things are well. We are getting rid of a lot of stuff and working hard at downsizing our lifestyle. We collect so much stuff and it isn't something I want to leave to the girls as a legacy or a habit.

The girls are wonderful. Their personalities are blooming and their love of life is evident in everything they do. Music and Shabbat classes are over for the summer and they are very sad about that. I'm hoping to take them to the museum to play during the break. We also just got the community magazine and a couple classes look interesting. I need to call and see what the multiples policy is and plan out which class to take.

Our CSA is going on break, too. I plan on upgrading our membership to a weekly one and I found a better pick-up location for us. I can't wait for it to start up again. Corn. 'Nuff said.

Aba is busy, busy, busy with work. But the girls and I are able to surprise him on occassion with a visit or lunch and the girls have started asking to call him. Shira is the only one who talks on the phone yet, but the other two love to hear him talk to them.

I'm on a knitting break for the nine days. I've purged my queue at Ravelry and want to finish 15 projects byt the end of the year. I'm 95% done with the first of them. Basically I want to make a sweater, hat and pair of socks for each of us. I'm making Joseph for Chaya in a dreamy superwash merino. It is so soft and a gorgeous mossy green with hints of yellow and maroon in it. It really brings out her eyes. All it needs is a bath, blocking, seaming and a zipper.

While I'm on my break I plan on doing some scrapbooking. I got some pages that hold photos in the scrapbook (instead of a layout) and I'm going to add those to the yearly albums and put all the pictures in there. That way they are at least in the album. I also need to purge some of my supplies. I have waaaaay too much for what I do.

I'm thinking that is the basic low down on what is happening. I'm sure there is stuff I've forgotten, but maybe that will prompt me to update again. I have some photos to upload and share of our San Diego trip.