Monday, August 25, 2008

The Line

The other night I was looking through Raising An Amazing Child the Montessori Way when I came across the photos showing a young girl sweeping. There was a large-ish taped square on the floor and the girl was sweeping into the square before changing to a dustpan and handbroom.

My first thought was that it looked like a better way of learning to sweep than what my girls do. (They use either my broom or their little brooms and try to sweep into a dustpan.) My second thought was all of the fun things we could do with some of that blue painter's tape I still have. That night I put two pieces of tape on the floor.

In the morning when the girls came downstairs I just skipped on the line instead of simply walking to the diaper room. B followed suit. Soon we were running, jumping, walking backwards and spinning on the line. Then baby, boobah, the pony and the trains were playing on the line. That was Thursday.

Friday evening we had guests for Shabbat. The son of one guest really liked the line once I explained that it wasn't "for" anything. It was just a line and do what you want with it. He ended up taking his shoes off and running and sliding down the line in bare socks or using a pillow.

We also have two young girls who come over a couple times a week to play with the girls. They had a hard time at first understanding what the line was "for". Once I showed them that you can do anything with it, they seemed to have fun.

This morning when the girls got their potties out to watch Sesame Street, they lined them up on the line.

Of course, now that I want to take some pictures of them on the line, they don't want to do it...with their pants on.

I'm not sure when I'll take it up. Or what I'll replace it with. I guess it will just depend on how the girls interact with it.