Monday, August 25, 2008


After nearly THREE hours of sitting on the potty, eating salty snacks, drinking a lot of water and juice, watching Sesame Street, a wee bit of Mary Poppins and then part of Caillou, we have a success!

Batya used the potty!

She went a wee bit and then stood up all excited about it. She wouldn't sit down again and after two years of diapers I knew there was no way that was all she had. But she managed to go downstairs, dump the potty, flush, wash up and trek back upstairs without an accident. Then she sat back down. Rinse and repeat. She spent the rest of Caillou telling me what she shouldn't pee on. Our list includes:

  • Her foot
  • The sofa
  • The pillow
  • Shira
  • Zeus' cage
  • the floor
  • her necklace
  • my hat
  • Baby
  • Rosa
  • Ima
  • the TV
  • her cup
I kept trying to get her to say only peepee in the potty or a diaper, but that was a no-go.

She got her big doggie stickers for her new sticker board. Then she had an accident on the stairs. So she cleaned it up. She refused a diaper at naptime so she is napping in a Little Beetle Learners with a Luxe cover over it. There are three potties upstairs and I'm ready to run up there when the first peeps start so that we can catch it in time.

I caught myself getting a little frustrated with Shira (three hours and no pee in the potty then she went outside and peed on the patio) but I reminded myself that she isn't really ready other than wanting to be part of what Batya is doing. Nevertheless, she also refused a diaper and is napping in Imse Vimse trainers and a Luxe cover. On a fleece blanket.