Sunday, September 21, 2008


I can not believe I am sharing this on the internet. now I HAVE to make the "after" be super cool.

I actually started on it tonight. First, i put all the dishes away. Then I tossed the visible trash and moved the stuff that obviously shouldn't be there out of the kitchen. Then I put the little things that have homes away. Finally I cut the dried herbs down and bagged them up. This means I can move the pans and dates over so that I can open the cabinet without killing my poor dates. Still a lot to do, but I'm done for the day. Tomorrow I'm going to tackle the desk area.

I did have a bout of reason and will not be moving the freezer downstairs yet. Rosh Hashannah starts in a week. What was I thinking? I will get it moved and the girls' work table moved in here, but I think it will wait until after the holidays.