Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Guess who has been doing Hanukkah planning?

Yeah, I admit it. I'm excited for this year's gift giving. I think the girls are going the "get" the whole holiday this year. I don't think they are ready for too much of a Tzedakah project, but we will do something (probably collect canned goods for Tomchei Shabbat or children's toys for a local lady who gives them out to families in need.)

Anyhow, some of you know about my (unhealthy) fondness for all things Oompa. I got this email the other day and now I'm thinking about these. Originally I wanted to get the girls some Anamalz, but the Anamalz kind of squick me out with the fabric bits. They just look kind of creepy.

Now, hold my hand because you know I'm tempted to buy them now and "keep" them for Hanukkah. But we know that if I do that I will (a) lose them in the mess of a house (b) the girls will find them or (c) I'll cave and give them to the girls early.