Thursday, September 04, 2008

Israel is Calling

So it looks like we'll be heading to Israel in late November-early December. I'm really excited and am already starting to plan what we need. The sad thing is that we have to get 5 seats. That means 10 pieces of luggage and 5 carry-ons, though. I'm not planning on taking that much there, but guarantees. Bwahahahaha!

Now, the real fun is the girls. In all likelyhood we will not have full potty-learnedness (word?) by then. So I'm not going to stress it and am planning on carting dipes. I'll probably add some trainers for when we are around the apartment and will have to get the girls used to the little potty seat that goes on the toilet because I AM NOT lugging a Baby Bjorn potty chair. Though I have room.

Last trip I worked out the times of the flights so that it would coincide with naps and bedtime. FAIL. This time I'm just planning on them being awake the entire trip and bringing a carry-on of toys and books and snacks. I'll be stealing this idea from Melissa at Chasing Cheerios. In fact, I have 8 lovely pencil cases and a page of ideas already.

Now, if anyone has ideas on ways to keep 31-month-olds calm during international flights let me know. Note to self: Hit up Costco for a double pack of Benadryl. I'd also love any tips on conquering jetlag in said toddlers, please share.