Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I am at such a loss

Seriously. I just don't know what to do. This morning S wouldn't let me get out of bed. I laid there with her for 90 minutes. Every time I moved she would start wimpering. Finally I told her that I had to go to the bathroom and got up. I had hoped that she would go to sleep and I could finally start my day. This has worked in the past, but not today. So she woke up at 6:45. Then she woke up her sisters at 7:15.

I had some cooking to do before we headed out for the farmer's market. So, the girls watched Sesame Street (okay, I watched some of it, too. I like Telly and Baby Bear. Sue me.) Then I headed to the kitchen. I got chicken soup started and assembled three dishes of Moroccan fish and two dishes of honey-mustard salmon.

The girls asked for Caillou. i turned it on and went to tidy the kitchen and get my stuff ready to go. Batya was with me and asked for juice. The sound of ice cubes clinking in the cups brought Chaya to the kitchen.

Covered in lipstick.

Face and hands.

Carrying my purse.

Which was empty.

I go to the living room. Shira is sitting on the sofa.

Covered in lipstick.

My wallet is open and empty.

Money, credit card, driver's license, Costco card are spread all over the room.

I admit it, I yelled. I screeched. I was ugly. I asked for my lipstick back. That was all I couldn't find. They refused to move. So I took their babies. Still, no move. So i took their ponies. Still, nothing. So I took their horse. Then their shoes. (This was the only thing that got any sort of reaction.) I also took their lacing and three books. They sat their while Batya looked for the lipstick. They let their innocent sister do all the work while they tried to play.

Then I walked around the sofa and saw the leather ottoman and their kitchen. Covered with lipstick. I took their kitchen. Guess what was inside the "oven" in a dish? My lipstick.

Now they are playing with the phone and pulling the cushions off of the sofa. I haven't cleaned them up.

I can't. I'm actually afraid of what I will do. I am so livid.

The last time they got into my lipstick, I laughed. I took a picture of Shira's red face. I bought a new tube. Life moved on. The last time they tore apart my wallet, I asked for it back and put it together.

I just can't.

Now we'll miss the farmer's market because we can't make it in time. I can't clean them up and get us to Santa Monica in time. I don't think. Maybe if I rushed. Maybe if I can hold my temper. I'm still shaking.

And what do I do with all these toys? Aba says to keep them for an hour. He also says to turn on the TV for them or let them play outside. That isn't the solution.

I need a break. I need some time to myself again. Unfortunately that has to wait until the time change. Until then the best I could do it drive around town late at night which isn't fun.