Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thank You

everyone for the kind words. :) I'm doing better. Aba came home and helped clean up and get them settled for naps. We talked about things and I think we have a good plan moving forward.

Basically, the girls do much better when there is some sort of structure to their day. Not my strong suit, but we do what we have to for our kids. At first I was trying to figure out a bedtime, but decided to work backwards (forward?) instead. If I wake them at 7:30, then make sure they wake from their naps by 2:00 then the evenings should work out to a bedtime that fits with them. I've also put in an hour of "school" in the morning and either a walk or a bath in the evening. We are going to talk over a good bedtime routine for them following that and leave bedtime more open. That way we aren't as stressed out as to why they aren't going to sleep and can enjoy the time. Also, if they wake up 7:30, that gives me two hours of "free time" in the morning.

As for spending more time present with them, I know that is a weakness. Right now we are heading into the holidays and I have until Monday evening to prepare 6 meals. So they are left with more free time than I like. I have been planning on focusing on being present with them for API's Attachment Parenting Month. I figure I won't have the sickies and holidays to deal with.

I'm also planning on moving my "desk" into the living room. Then, even when I'm doing stuff I'm still closer to them. Not sure how that will work with them getting into stuff. I guess i'll have to learn not to keep all this junk on my desk.

Anyways, I'm feeling better. It's 2:20 and I need to wake everyone up and head out to the market. They are still a bit lipstick-y. Bath night is tomorrow. I guess they will have to live.

As for the toys, I gave each of them their pick of a baby or pony (C took the ponies and S&B took babies) and the others and kitchen stuff are going into the storage. They aren't really playing with the kitchen other than putting real food and beverage in the sink so it isn't that big of a loss. The place the kitchen was will become my desk area. Where my desk is now will house a table so that they can help in the kitchen and I don't have to move the freezer. Win-win I think.

First, thuoght, I need another coffee.