Sunday, November 16, 2008

Boo! Hiss! Motrin!

What a way to honor International Babywearing Week!

I freely admit the Motrin is my OTC pain reliever of choice for the girls. However, after seeing the new Motrin ads I think I'm going to have to review that choice. I'm not one to boycott products and when I do choose not to purchase something I tend not to advertise it unless asked directly about it. However this new ad is so offensive to me (an apparently many other moms) that I don't know that I will be able to continue to purchase Motrin.

It is currently up on their website but, G-d willing, it will soon be gone so I'm going to copy and paste the transcript prepared by Barb.

In case they pull the ad from their front page by the time you’re reading this (I sure hope they trash the entire campaign, and fast), I’m quoting the little video on their website front page, which they call a “Mom-versation“. The phrases in bold are my emphasis, though they have even better emphasis in the graphics in their ad.

Wearing your baby seems to be in fashion.

I mean, in theory it’s a great idea.

There’s the front baby carrier, sling, schwing, wrap, pouch.

And who knows what else they’ve come up with. Wear your baby on your side, your front, go hands free.

Supposedly, it’s a real bonding experience.

They say that babies carried close to the bod tend to cry less than others.

But what about me? Do moms that wear their babies cry more than those who don’t?

I sure do!

These things put a ton of strain on your back, your neck, your shoulders. Did I mention your back?!

I mean, I’ll put up with the pain because it’s a good kind of pain; it’s for my kid.

Plus, it totally makes me look like an official mom.

And so if I look tired and crazy, people will understand why.

Since I recently did a review of my favorite babycarriers I think it is pretty safe to say that I don't find then uncomfortable, painful or just a fashion accessory. There is a lot of research that has gone into babywearing and the benefits to parent and child beyond being able to do something while carrying your baby "handsfree".

If you have pain or strain from your carrier than you either need some help adjusting it or you need a different carrier. I recently sent my sister a couple carriers for her to try out and she only uses one...because it works for her. I have a number (way too many to count, though I did post some photographs a few months back) of carriers but only use a couple regularly. Why? Because they work!

And, while we are on the subject of pain, let me tell you about the lovely seudah shlishit and havdalah I had. We took the girls to the synagogue without the stroller. Chaya and Batya decided mid-meal to be clingyIneedmamarightnoworI'mgoingtocry so I ended up carting 30-60 pounds of toddler around while keeping track of Shira, Aba and eating. Finally I put Batya down and told her that my arm and shoulder was just too sore to carry her some more. If I had had a carrier I could have tossed her onto my back and went about my business.

So Motrin, think I'm going to hear that story any time soon in a "Mom-Alouge"?