Saturday, November 15, 2008

Packing, Packing, Packing

I'm hoping to get a chance to add some pictures of the carseat set-ups, but I might not get the chance until later.

I've gotten us pretty much all packed. I have a couple things to toss in (my toiletry case, phone, perishable food, etc.) but really I feel like we can leave without a problem. Here's what I've got:

Large suitcase with girls' clothing, my clothing, carriers and some diapers.
Medium suitcase with diapers, wipes, girls' bottles, some new toys for the trip back, shoes, various electrical chargers.
Small bag with food and drinks.
Diaper bag packed with books, a couple small toys and my knitting.
Small suitcase carry-on with change of girls' clothing, my toiletry case, toys, camera case.
Luggage cart with two carseats puzzled together and attached with the LATCH straps and bungee cords.
Third carseat strapped to rolling carry-on with bungee cord and tether strap.
Aba says he will have 1 suitcase and his briefcase.

The diaper bag fits, food bag and Aba's briefcase will be in the stroller basket or hanging from the handlebar. Two girls will be in the stroller and one on my back. One of us will push the stroller and the other one will control the two other pieces.

Should be fun!