Sunday, November 30, 2008

Getting Ready to Head Back Home

I have to say that I'm a bit melancholy about it. Moreso than usual even. I really got a feel for living here by merit of the girls being sick and Aba being exhausted and just having to get out on my own. I went to a couple shiurim with Ayelet and cooked a bit at home. I really like the area we stayed in, too.

But I know the girls need their stuff and their routines. If we were staying for a while it would be different because I would have brought more of "home" with us. As it is, I know htey are feeling restless and cooped up.

That said, Shira has been saying that she wants to stay in Israel.

Depending on the way the flight home goes we might be back sooner rather than later. But first I need to get Batya's situation figured out.

She goes a couple days without vomiting and then something triggers it. She has no symptoms of a stomach bug and she got it first. It definitely was a bug as it went through the females here and we passed it to Ayelet. (Who in turn shared her cold with Aba.) But now it is something else. I'll be making notes on the plane with as much as I can recall of it so that we can share it with the doctor. We are going to call and leave a message to have an appointment made Tuesday morning and then Aba and I are going to take her while Safta watches the other two.

I need to go finish a couple things and then we are off to the Kotel and to hunt down something to wrap up my carseates in. (These backward countries don't allow you to use a carseat for children. Apparently an adult seat belt they can easily climb out of is "safer" than a seat.)