Saturday, November 29, 2008


This was a meme I found on some blog long ago and it has been hanging out in my draft folder.

I am: Tired. Stressed. On-the-go.
I think: It is a beautiful day to head outside.
I know: the mess int he house will wait for me.
I want: Peace. Joy. To relax.
I hate: The day-to-day minutiae that bring stress into my life.
I miss: My pre-mom friends.
I fear: Missing my children's childhood.
I feel: Like dancing.
I hear: Shira counting, Chaya getting her water from the table and Batya is ominously quiet.
I smell: That someone needs a diaper.
I crave: Caffeine
I search for: New art and crafts projects for the girls and I.
I regret: Missing the first couple months of the girls' life.
I love: My family.
I ache: From bad posture. Mom was right: sit up straight!
I care: About the future and what we will leave the next generation.
I always: Put off today what I can do tomorrow.
I am not: Ready.
I believe: in the goodness of humankind.
I sing: Very, very badly.
I cry: At sappy movies.
I fight: When I am stressed.
I win: When I look in my girls' eyes.
I lose: Everything. Well...almost. Or at least it seems that way.
I never: Saw where life was leading.
I listen: To laughter.
I can usually be found: Running about.
I am scared: Of failing.
I need: To find myself.
I am happy about: Where I am. What I have.
I hope: For the future.