Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Life Worth Living

I was catching up on my Reader when I came across this post from The Artful Parent. It really hit a spot and spoke to me as I've been feeling that itch that tells me something isn't right in my world. Ahhhh, but that is actually another post. This post is about those wonderful little things that make life worth living. Let's see how many we can come up with.

  1. Batya coming up to me and saying that she loves Chaya.
  2. A well-made cappuccino.
  3. Snuggling in bed next to a warm little baby.
  4. That odd bit of morning when you are awake but haven't gotten out of bed. You lie there in the quiet with the light peaking in around the curtains and listen to your family breathe and all the creaks and groans of the city waking up.
  5. The moment your soul gets carried away by the shirim haShabbat and you can't help but sway and hum long after the song has ended.
  6. Realizing you've done something that has helped change the course of your life and possibly the world.
  7. Helping someone unexpectantly.
  8. Sharing something important to you with another person.
What makes your life worth living?