Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Few Last Israel Pictures and an Update.

I was going through them today and realized that I don't have a lot of the shots I wanted to take. It was just a hit-and-miss kind of trip with the vomiting. We had a chance to visit Hebron but the girls were sick and by the time they were well our contact in Hebron had left to visit the states. Once again the trip to Derech Avot was missed. And on our trips to Metsada and The Kotel the girls refused to cooperate for pictures.

Oh well. I guess we'll just have to go back. ;)

Don't tell Aba about that plan, though. He is in serious airline anxiety and refuses to fly unless it is a business (no family) trip and he is in Business Class so that he can sleep. But I'm working on some ideas because, despite his reservations, I want to go back and stay for a while. (Yay, Ayelet!)

And, since I haven't mentioned it here (though if you follow me on Twitter or are a Facebook friend you know this) the airlines lost a carseat somewhere between Paris and LA. So far it hasn't turned up, but the guy who helped us said that Paris has been having problems losing luggage lately. They must have drank those two bottles of kosher Kahlua I bought from Tel Aviv's duty free. (They confiscated them but at the shop no one mentioned you couldn't take them through Paris. Nice.) Tonight we are filing a claim if the seat isn't found.

We took Batya to the ped on Tuesday and he said that it is likely that she was just super sensitive to the bug because 1)it spread so it was definitly a bug, 2) she isn't showing any signs of a physical reason (he mentioned obstruction or hyper-sensitive gag reflex) for the vomiting, 3) she is eating, drinking, wetting and soiling diapers and 4) she is vomiting every couple days. he said not to worry if she vomits again in the coming week. So far, nothing, Baruch Hashem! She did, however, lose 1.5 pounds in two weeks.


Watching Elmo clips on You Tube with Aba

Waiting for the plane in Paris (we kept going back to give tzedakah to the panda).

At the Kotel