Monday, December 15, 2008

Fight to Revise the CPSIA!

I'm typing single-handed here as Chaya is sleepin in arms right no, so excuse any typos and abruptness.

We all remember this summer's seemingly endless parade of reports of lead found in children's toys. Congress reacted by passing the CPSIA which bans and mandates 3rd party testing for lead and phthalates by children's toy manufacturers. Good, right?

Well, the CPSIA makes no exceptions for small, "mom and pop" handmade toy makers (ala Etsy) or for toys that meet the European EN71 and ASTM standards. (Selecta has already announced that the additional testing would price them out of the market and will not be selling in the US come January 1, 2009.)

I urge everyone to research the CPSIA and contact your congresspeople ASAP regarding revising the CSPIA and sign the online petition.

I have links to add and will do so tomorrow. Right now I have a toddler to change and snuggle with her WAHM-made doll (which would become illegal. Perhaps I need to stock up on gifts for their next birthday now?)

Handmade Toy Alliance

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