Monday, December 15, 2008

Hanukkah project #1

I've been cruising the web looking for Hanukkah crafts for the girls and I to do. (I know, I need to get that list of links posted!) I found a tray on that featured a mosaic-style hanukkiyah and used that as the inspiration for our foam sticker hanukkiyot.

I have a bunch of adhesive foam sheets hanging around so I spent last night cutting squares. I drew the outline of the hanukkiyah on black board and then told the girls to cover the lines with the stickers. As you can see, they did pretty well.

My original idea was to add a candle and flame each night when Aba lights our hanukkiah, but since they weren't interested enough in the project to finish them, I'm not sure how much they would enjoy that. Since I've already cut out the candles and flames, we'll give it a try, though.