Thursday, December 11, 2008

Review--Color a Cookie and Paskesz Gelt

Before we left for Israel I got an email from Sam at Oh!Nuts offering some of their goodies for review. When we got home, the package was waiting. Insert an unplanned trip to San Diego and we just got around to decorating cookies this morning. Don't you love craft projects that have a built-in snack?
These cookies are adorable! For the girls' first birthday party I had a table set up with undecorated sugar cookies and various decorations so the older kids had something to do. It was fun, but a lot of work and I had to go to many different stores to get kosher parve frosting and decorations. With these cookies, that work is all done for you.

In each package you get a cookie (in our case they had the outline of a dreidle on them) and four flavored decorating pens. The only downside of flavored decorating pens is that toddlers might decide to suck on them and bite off the tips causing a flurry of screeching from other toddlers in the room. (Chaya, I'm talking to you!) The pens colored the frosting extremely well (I was asked to color in various parts of the design by each of the girls) and they didn't have that food coloring taste. (I sampled a bit of Shira's cookie much to her dismay. She is still asking me why I ate her cookie.)

For $4.99 per cookie it is a cute thing to have around at a hanukkah party for kids to do or just to keep your own kids quiet. The only downside is that messy kids will have blue hands and mouths for a while since the food coloring stains pretty well.

Color A Cookie are certified kosher parve by the Star-K and are Pat Israel.

Sam also sent some chocolate gelt made by Paskesz. These I passed out to some other people to try also. I was surprised that they had a bit of a bitterweet taste and was pleased that they didn't have the "parve chocolate waxy coat in my mouth" thing. Aba declared them "not bad" which is like a B for him. (His grades are "yuck," "I wouldn't mind if we never had that again," "it was okay," "not bad" and "do we have more?")

Batya has decided they are the best thing and is wandering around the house asking for "ch-locate daka" (chocolate tzedakah).

Paskesz chocolate coins are certified kosher parve by Rabbi Weistheim of Manchester. (And are a product of Holland which I didn't know and makes that bit of Dutch in me very happy.)