Friday, December 12, 2008

Serving Water

The girls have recently been on an "I want to do it!" kick. They want to do everything from peeling oranges, washing dishes, sweeping the floor and serving themselves food and drinks to buckling their carseats. The other day I left a carton of juice on the counter after giving some to them. Shira brought over her step stool and served her sisters HUGE cups of juice.

So I started putting a tray on their table with a small pitcher of water, a small bowl of ice, ice tongs and three cups. I've explained and showed them that they should only fill the cups to the tops of the kitty/cow/frog/dog on the cup and only pour at the tray so that if they spill it is easy to clean up. We've had two spills and cleaned them up quickly and easily.

Shira enjoys serving her sisters most which upsets them a bit because they also want to pour. Even though I have the supplies, I'm hoping to avoid having three trays out.

On a side note, did you notice the new layout of their table? They kept asking to sit on the long side that was against the wall and one time I just pulled the table out at an angle for the meal. I realized that the table is only a couple inches longer than the wall to the kitchen and it is far enough away that it doesn't become an obstacle. So I turned it and I haven't had anyone asking to sit against the wall. I also put all four chairs on the long sides of the table. Now I don't get asked to move the chair from against the wall. And to think, Aba didn't want the table.