Thursday, January 01, 2009


Yeah, another lame pop culture reference, but how could I resist? I mean Change is so big right now. From Obama to the new year to January's NaBloPoMo theme. (Like that segway? I am participating, but I won't be setting posts to go live on Friday and Saturday so it won't be as overwhelming as November.) It just seems like change is in the air and all around. This house is no different.

First, I've restarted Flylady. I'm being careful not to become wrapped up in the "Flylady" part of it and just keeping up with the routine. I really like it and the house is feeling better.

Secondly, I'm on a budget. Before now we've just spent if we had and didn't if we didn't. Not the best idea when you have kids. I mean, when they outgrow their shoes they need a new pair. There isn't the option of waiting until the next project. So I've set one up for us and I just got home from my first grocery trip on a budget. Wow. What a hassle!

Thirdly, we've decided (formally) to homeschool the girls. Right now it is through first grade but we'll see if it moves past that.

Lastly, you'll notice a few changes around here. I'm working on a new layout and banner for the blog. I also have a couple ideas of things I'd like to do, but those will have to wait for another post. I have a toddler asking for food, so I have to go!

Happy New Year!