Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Am Officially a Wild and Crazy Mom

I was packing up our lunches this morning before we headed off tot he farmers' market when I looked at the clock. My thought process went something like this:

    It's 9:30...we could go to Disneyland and be there around opening...just stay for a couple hours...if we leave by 9:45 we could be there around 10:30...I'll take the triple and tag the girls...diaper bag is is charged...I would have to run to the market tonight...let's do it!

We actually left at 10:00 but I also tossed a chicken, some potatoes and carrots into the crockpot so dinner was waiting. I didn't tell the girls in case I changed my mind which was actually a good thing because they were able to rest in the car on the way there. It took us an hour to get there, but there was a huge accident on the 10 this morning and they closed it so we had some extra traffic from people trying to go around.

We only went on two rides (Tea Cups and Casey Jr. Train) but we met the princesses, Mickey, Minnie and Goofy. We also played in Toon Town and the girls did some practice "walking with Ima and listening to her" throughout the day.

We only had one instance of Shira not listening and that was when she kept cutting the line to meet Minnie Mouse. There was a yound boy in front of us who was very serious about her staying behind him, though. It was so cute!

We also replaced Shira's mouse ears (lost on the tram while leaving last week) and got sihlouettes done of the girls. And we stopped by Small World (still closed) to have ice creams.

There were a few things that they wanted to do that we couldn't because of the seating arrangements. (We need rides that all four of us can fit in.) We couldn't do Dumbo and the Alice in Wonderland ride. Shira and Chaya wanted to ride the carousel, but Batya is afraid of it and I didn't have anyone to leave her with so that was a no-go, too.

We've already marked the calendar with our next visit (the only way I could get Batya to stop crying about going back) and this time we will bring some autograph books. Until the girls' birthday they are free and I have a pass, so as many times as we can go before April, the better. Maybe weekly? zoo is next week.

And a note to self: don't dress so frumpy when going somewhere you'll be having your picture taken. Gah...I look like the harried mom of triplets.