Saturday, January 17, 2009

What's Going On Around Here?

I'm so sorry that I haven't been updating much lately. I had intended to do daily blogging this month, but ended up focusing on household things. I should be back regularly mid-February.

What have we been up to here? Well, first there is a major decluttering going on. Secondly, we've been working on getting our routines back on track. Then we are finishing a few projects to make the home more Montessori-friendly. Finally, The girls and I are adding some exercise into our day. I've also started a new hobby...CVSing...and have been regularly attending a knitting group on Thursdays. I miss my girls on those evenings, but I enjoy a couple free hours.

I've also had some ideas floating around my head for a while regarding the blog. I'm going to finish up my photo comparison (I want to get a couple more opinions first), you'll get a peek at February Lady, we'll be doing another 'Day in the Life Of' in early February, we'll start working on this year's mishlot manot, starting the Pesah countdown, and planning the girls' third birthday including moving into their own bedroom!

And that is only the next couple months! This year is going to be packed full of fun!