Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Parenting Resources

General Parenting Reources
Mothering Magazine (and their online forum)

Shopping for Kids
Usborne Books (My storefront!)

Fun Things to do in the Los Angeles Area
Santa Monica Farmer's Market
Audobon Center at Debs Park
Los Angeles Museum of Natural History
Skirball Center
Zimmer Museum

Montessori Resources
Montessori for Everyone
Montessori Foundation
Montessori International
Montessori Services
montessori n Such
Kid Advance
Adena Montessori

Jewish Resources
Ask Moses
Chosson and Kallah

Jewish Homeschooling Resources
Na'aseh Ve Nilmad
Jewish Montessori
Los Angeles Jewish Homeschoolers
Room 613
Chinuch at Home

Secular Homeschooling Resources

Crafty Resources
Cooking Resources
Jewish Food List