Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Eating From the Fridge, Day 3

A much better day after yesterday's junk food fest. Today we did our big pre-Pesah shopping trip to Target and I had planned to pack lunch but forgot. Instead we went to The Grove after and had hot dogs. I said it was better than yesterday, not that it was a great food day!

Breakfast: Smoothies made with blueberry kefir (homemade), frozen bananas, some honey and cinammon. Shira and Chaya also had some string cheese.

Snacks were apples and raisins.

Lunch was Hot dogs and fries.

Dinner was a "super salad." Basically, two romaine lettuce hearts shredded, topped with diced chicken, bell peppers, kidney beans and cucumbers and then dressed with a light dressing. I also served some fermented salsa (Aba thought it was spicy, but the girls liked it!) For dessert, Aba stopped at Whole Foods on the way home and got some parve ice cream sandwiches. Apparently fruit isn't dessert enough for two nights in a row.

Bread was a hit. I'm working on a post about it. I have a new everyday recipe until the girls have another growth spurt and I need to make more.

Shabbat is coming and I'm trying to make as much as possible from the fridge. I think I'll need to pick up some beets, tomatoes, a salmon filet, a jalapeno, some cilantro and a melon. First I'm going to dig around in the veggie drawers and see what I can salvage for salads. I might also make some salmon patties instead of Moroccan fish if I have dill.