Sunday, March 22, 2009

Danger, Ima! Puke Ahead!

I wish I had a warning system for puke. That would be so helpful. Instead I carry a very slightly feverish Chaya to bed and end up on the floor holding her hair as she vomits into a towel. Then I strip the bed and have to shower with her (I was slow at first and she got some in her hair) and now I'm facing a night spent in her bed while Shira and Batya stay with Aba in the "healthy" bed.

Under normal circumstances that would be enough, but could anything be "normal" around here? Tomorrow the girls and I are supposed to attend the Bat Mtzvah of one of their "very best friends." When I came downstairs from puke fest Shira was telling em how we were going to go to the party. I felt so bad because chances are that we will have to skip. She even started crying.

My first thought was that Aba could take care of Chaya and the rest of us could attend, but Aba has a meeting scheduled at the time we were going...unless it rains. Which means it won't. Of course, Chaya is a clingy Ima's Girl under the best circumstances. When sick she will just cry the whole time. Unless she spends the time passed out on the sofa like Shira did. Is it bad that I hope she does?