Friday, March 20, 2009

Pesah is Underway

All over the Jewish internet, people are talking about Pesah cleaning. There are lists to do, posts lamenting the work ahead, people procrastinating and a growing movement trying to take back the holiday. In Los Angeles, Pesah is in the air, too. Everyone is busily getting rid of their chametz. The stores are pulling out the kosher l'Pesah packages and have marked up their meat prices. For us Pesah has been in the air for over a month already.

Aba thought I was crazy when I made my menus the day after Tu b'Shevat. The look on his face when I brought home a bag of salt, coffee and sugar was priceless. The phone call I got from a friend asking me, in shock, if it was true I had started cleaning on the Sunday after sealed my fate. I now face the odd dilema of having the house ready three weeks ahead of time. 

Now, before you start thinking I'm either completely insane, totally unrealistic or have no life let me explain...

First, I have triplets. They are three. They aren't at the stage where they will sit quietly and play or even entertain themselves while I work. If I want to complete anything by a certain date then I need to start early and blaze through it. Or it won't get done.

Secondly, I want to enjoy the last few days of their two-ness. I also want to enjoy Pesah so I need to get stuff done. Not to mention, I have to prepare seven meals for the first three days. Seven! If I'm going to make it to San Diego for my niece's birthday a week before the seder, I have to be ready.

Thirdly, the girls' birthday party is two days after the end of Pesah. If I get Pesah done early, I can get some stuff done for their birthday and then only have to worry about their cake once I can buy some flour.

Lastly and most importantly we make the charoset here and it needs to be done a couple weeks early so it can really develop. Trust me on this one. Ten days is the minimum, but two weeks is better. And we want better.

I'll likely write more about Pesah and a bit about preparations, but this is where we stand now. 

Shabbat Shalom everyone!