Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Note on our Switch to Sposies

It looks like we'll be moving back to cloth for at least Batya and possibly Chaya (though I think Chaya will be potty learning over Pesah). Batya has had a mild rash since we switched and both have been complaining about itching. I've tried some creams but it isn't helping much. 

When Chaya goes diaperless she seems to get better, but Batya doesn't like naked time. I've tried four different types of diapers and two types of wipes. I've started experimenting with using cloth wipes and the disposables, too. She didn't have a reaction before when we were only using them part-time (one or two a day) so we might try that again.

Who thought I'd have so much trouple taking the "easy route"?