Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just A Quick Little Update

from the home front today. Things are pretty good and busy around here! Pesah cleaning and shopping is in full swing. I've got my lists made and my calendar marked up so I'm following them. With the help of our wonderful housekeeper things are rolling right along. naturally I've packed way too much stuff into this month, though. On the 16th the girls and I head to Disneyland for an overnight visit with Aunt Jackie. The 22nd we have a Bat Mitzvah to attend. On April 1st, a whopping one week before Pesah starts we are returning to Disneyland for a birthday breakfast with cousin Emma. i'm starting to think I really am a bit loony.

I had wanted the girls to do some art projects for the sedarim, but instead I'm thinking about getting them a couple toys and books and only doing 2 projects. I'm thinking a "bag of plagues" for each of them is a good bet along with the other things I have packed away from last year. For projects I want to make pillowcases (I actually have all of the supplies for last year but we never did anything) and then a seder plate, salt water dish and a cup for Elijah. For that I just need to pick up some colored tissue paper and clear plastic plates.

I've been in a bit of a knitting wasteland, but I want to start up a new sweater soon. I'm thinking of spending this coming month working on some WIPs and then no knitting for Pesah and after I should be ready to go. We'll see.  I have been working more on my photography and some paper and digital scrapbooking. I bought an online self-paced intro to Photoshop Elements class at Jessica Sprague and love it! I suspect my paper scrapbooking will fall aside permanantly as I use up my supplies. I'm hoping to get some wonderful photos at Disneyland, though.

After Pesah the girls will start school. They will be three and that is the age we start teaching them Torah and it just seems the perfect time to start it all. nothing is set in concrete yet, but I'm planning on starting with just 20-30 minutes in the morning of Montessori-inspired learning and then 20-30 minutes in the afternoon of Hebrew/Jewish/Torah learning. The split is so that Aba can participate in the Hebrew with them since he is fluent. My hope is to get him to talk with them in Hebrew more so that they become bilungual. 

After Pesah brings another change to the family, too. Aba and I talked it over and we are very unhappy with our diet. It seems like we do well and then slowly fade back into take-out and ready-bought. I've been working at introducing more traditional foods into the meals, but it is so easy to go back to Chinese take out. So, since we'll be getting rid of all of our food for Pesah we'll need to restock and will only restock things that fir into the traditional food way of eating. We will do this until Shavuot comes (so six weeks) and then we can sit down and re-evaluate. I figure this gives us an end date so when the "I don't want to do this anymore" hits we can look at the calendar. Also, six weeks is a good chunk of time to set up new habits and break bad ones.

I've still been toying with ideas for the blog. In fact, my new-found digital skills are getting practice by working on headers and layouts. Anything major won't happen until after Pesah, though, but will be done before the summer becuse I have some ideas for summer fun.

Now I'm going to hunt through my hard drive (freshly installed after getting the computer back from repair) for a picture. I need to download both cameras, too, and update on Purim! And I have a DITLO from last month to upload, too. Wow! I've gotta get busy!