Sunday, March 22, 2009

Party Hardy

with an alternative party plan.

I had planned to take the girls to the Bat Mizvah and then drop them off with Aba and head out for a little partying Ima-style. Yeah, it would have been really mellow, but I'd have been happy with an hour at the coffee chop knitting then wandering leisurely around Target to pick up my dishes followed by a manicure. Exciting, right?

As with most things in my life though, things change on-the-fly. With Chaya puking last night and Batya starting this morning, the whole Bat Mizvah part was out. They are also both very clingy when sick so leaving them all day with Aba wasn't going to fly. Instead Shira and I went together while Aba stayed with sleeping sickies. We managed to stay the whole time and brought back a couple goodies. Overall we had a blast.

But here I sit, in front of the TV with the laptop sharing my lap with a sleeping toddler's head and another one curled up next to me. And what does my partying consist of now? Two leftover Purim truffles, a cup of coffee and finalizing my Pesah shopping list. This truffle is really good, too.

I suppose all that matters in the end is that I'm able to be there for my girls when thy really need me. Even when that means peeing with a three year-old's head on my knee because she has to come with me to the bathroom.