Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Welcome Back to My Life

I had really really hoped I wouldn't need to take Metformin again. I knew it was more-than-likely that I would have to, but a girl can wish. Right? I suppose that wishing was part of what took me so long to decide to restart it. 

I have been dealing with the hairloss and acne for a long while now and just hoping that diet and care changes might help. Who was I fooling? I've been down this path before and know what works and what doesn't. Why the resistance? Why the blinders? Why can't I just do what i have to do and be happy that I know what works and that I don't have most of the side-effects others have? Because I want to be normal.

I hate admitting to myself that there is something wrong with me. Something that stops me from being a 35 year-old woman without horrid acne. Something that makes the exercise and healthy food have a positive effect on my health. Something that keeps me from enjoying my beautiful girls to the fullest instead of being tired and sore and fuzzi-headed. But the camel's back finally broke.

I was brushing my hair yesterday and finally looked at the lovely bald spot froming on my left temple. Add in the fact that the now-showing skin is home to some pimples. I just couldn't ignore it anymore. As unfair as it seems to me, I have whatever it is that I have. They still aren't sure exactly; they just know what it isn't and what seems to help. So last night I took my first pill in so long. This morning I took number 2.  I just get an occasional mild headache with it so I am blessed on that front.

If things proceed as they did the last time I started up, it will be 4 weeks until I am at full dose and then another 4 weeks until the hairloss stops. The acne goes away fairly quickly and the energy/weight/cravings will slowly start normalizing until I wake up one morning and wonder when it got better.

So look for an energetic, hairy and acne-free Ima this summer! Doesn't that sound pleasant?