Friday, May 08, 2009

It's Started

Whether I like it or not, whether it fits into my schedule or not, whether I'm ready or not it seems that the girls are. They woke up this morning and quickly started demanding "underwear" instead of their diapers.

I have potties throughout the house. I've been making runs to the bathroom to empty potties. I've cleaned up two accidents and quite a few near misses. I've even taken Chaya, at her request to the downstairs bathroom to use the "big potty all by myself."

We aren't using the trainers, though. The girls are calling them "diaper panties" and use them like diapers. Instead I've got a supply of regular underwear.

Of course, we are invited out for dinner tonight and Sunday is full of activities as well as next Tuesday. I suspect I need to bring even more changes of clothing with us. And no tights. No leggings. No shorts. 

They are very excited by the idea of using the "little potties" at Disneyland. We saw them a few trips ago when doing diaper changes and I've been telling them when they ask that they can use them when they start using the potty. I guess I should mark the best routes on the map before our next visit.

So, potty learning veterans, what is the best thing to use on-the-go? I have small pottiies to put in the back of the van. I need something to toss in the stroller basket for park days and when we go somewhere that isn't loaded with bathrooms. Any suggestions?