Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Dirty Little Secret

A bad habit of mine is to pile. I end up with piles all over the house. Then I get tired of them and do the "sort and tidy" where I take a pile (say from the shelves in the dining room) and sort it into toss/donate/put away. Anything to be put away upstairs gets tossed into a box or bag and piled on this built-in cabinet in the upstairs hall.

This used to be my craft area. I had a nice, open countertop on which to scrapbook. The lower shelves were dedicated to yarn and I could easily find what I wanted. No more.

I recently did a major "sort and tidy" in the kitchen, dining room and living room so my junk pile is over-full. Instead of tackling it, I've been working on keeping the pile from forming on the main level. I think I'm finally ready to tackle the upstairs. 

I'm going to apply my Flylady skills to this task and spend 15 minutes at a time on it before moving onto other (fun) stuff. I figure four 15 minute intervals a day over the next week should get it done pretty pain-free.