Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Talk About Preschooler Closets

I stumbled upon the totally awesome Talk About Tuesday meme over at The Lazy Organizer and knew I had to join in. It also coincided oh so nicely with the work I'm doing to make the girls' space more independent

I recently finished the girls' closet and introduced their expanded dressing options to them. Before they had had choice of shoes, pjs and a pick of the outfits I would bring out. 

I lowered two shelves (one of which acts as a clothing rod) and put down a small selection of socks, shirts, skirts, dresses and pjs. I also explained that if they wanted any of the things on the top shelves to ask Ima or Aba. I'm all for letting them choose, but I'm not going to let them wear a white silk dress to park day.

It worked pretty well but did take waaaaay longer than it could have taken. And even with what I thought was possibly overwhelming number of choices, Chaya still stood there exclaiming, "there isn't anything to wear!" while her sisters were finishing getting dressed. Also, Batya's lovely helpful tendencies can cause quite a bit of problems when she heads into the closet  and emerges with three dresses and attempts to pass them out. I suppose she'll learn.

The only downfall is the potentailly odd outfits they can emerge with.