Monday, November 02, 2009

Week One, Zone One, Attempt...too many to count

I'm restarting a variation of FlyLady that I was doing successfully for many years until I got too pregnant to move much. Since giving birth I have tried to restart what I was doing and contiually fell flat. It finally occurred to me that i need to revamp what I was doing. I no longer want much less can spend a couple hours on decluttering and cleaning a day. (This stage lasts a couple months until we get to the point where a holding pattern and I can do everything in 20-30 minutes.)

The house is pretty well clean. It is just full of stuff and in need of a little organizational revamping. Diapers, woolies and baby carriers need to find new homes. The kitchen needs a little reshuffling so that the girls have a cabinet for their stuff. The girls need their closet re-shelved again to fit their new clothing habits. On top of all of that, we just have too much stuff. I have scrapbooking supplies to last me a lifetime, yet I'm doing digital scrapbooking. I have a box of fabric and patterns yet I haven't taken my sewing machine out in ages.

So I'm spending the month focusing solely on decluttering in "the zone" for the week. Next month I'll be able to divide out the extra spaces and B"H we will start 2010 with a tidy home and much less stuff!

Art Closet and Bookcase, before

This week is Zone 1 (Entrance, Front Porch and Dining Room). Really, I could get this done in a day as we have no front porch, the entrance holds a stroller only and my dining room is pretty well under control. I'm adding in the landing where we have a clutter-magnet bookcase and the art closet.

Dining Room, before

We'll see how this attempt at Flying again goes.