Friday, December 11, 2009

My New Little Bit of Fun

I ran across Posterous over at The Stirrup Queens. I set it up, but didn't use it, but I've been playing with it more and enjoying it. The way I see and use Posterous (which might not be the way another person sees and uses it) is a cross between a blog and Facebook/Twitter.

It is more stream-of-consciousness and the sort of minutiae that you would put on Twitter or Facebook, but it has more space and feels more like a blog. You don't get as much interaction as on Facebook or Twitter but there is the ability to comment. I also like the ease of taking a picture with the phone and just emailing it to Posterous whit whatever comments I have. From there it is forwarded to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

Right now what you'll be seeing are some fast shots of the girls and a lot of cooking things. Who knows how it will change, though.

To get to my Posterous, you can click on the link above (under the header) or if you use Posterous you can subscribe to mine.

Hope to see you around!