Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Lashon Hara, the Gym and Reviews to Come

As you can see, I skipped yesterday's post. So I failed already on NaBloPoMo. LOL I was actually working on a few different drafts that are almost ready to be posted. With all of that bloggy work my brain just checked "write a post" off of my mental list. Oh well.

I wanted to take a moment to share a couple of things that I've done this past week. First, Aba and I joined a gym. We went together once and I went alone once. They have a wonderful (and wonderfully priced!) babysitting service there and I'm hoping to go 3-4 times a week. Sunday mornings will be with Aba and then weekdays alone. I feel great and I'm hoping to get the baby weight off once and for all. I'd also like to have my knees back, too.

Another exciting new thing I'm doing is the Morning Macshom l'Fi through the Chafetz Chaim Heritage Foundation. A machsom l'fi is where you set aside a period of time to focus on not speaking lashon hara (evil speak or gossip). It sounds kind of easy on the surface. Then you dig a bit deeper and realize that the laws of proper speech are much more complicated than simply talking about what so-and-so did last week at a party. I am very new to this so I don't feel comfortable expounding on it, but I'm sure my experiences will be showing up in future posts.

Finally, we have gotten a few items that I'm pretty sure are wonderful. We are still playing with them, but look for book, food and toy reviews to be showing up soon.