Thursday, April 08, 2010

Big Job

This year was a landmark Pesah for me on two counts. First, I got rid of all of the chametz in the house and didn't rely on the workaround of having the Rabbi sell our chametz. It was a nice feeling not having to deal making sure bags of flour and pasta were well packed away.

The other thing I did for the first time this year is go the entire chag without doing laundry. Before the girls were born I would have to wash table cloths and napkins. After the girls joined us there were diapers to wash. This year the girls are out of diapers and having very few accidents as well as being able to wear clothing for more than a couple hours.

It was very relaxing the first half, but towards the end I started thinking about how to handle to backlog of laundry. That's something I'll have to work out for next year, not to mention the beginning of Av and Sukot.

Off to toss in another load. I've done two and have 13 more to go.