Thursday, October 12, 2006

Batya laughing at Ron.
Chaya and the lion. After Grandma was up and showing her how to grab it, she started grabbing the lion. So I started taking it and making him growl and now she grabs him and growls! She even cries if it isn't on the playmat.

Chaya likes to lay on her sisters. They are there for her amusement!
Chaya in the laundry basket. She likes to be carried around the house in it.
Aba and Shira on the playmat.
Chaya practicing using the new handles for her bottle. Chaya in the laundry basket. She likes it. I swear!
The girls in the "big" stroller. If I hear "the train" or a zip code joke one more time, I'll scream!
Batya in the laundry basket.

Batya in bed this morning.
The girls in some soakers made by my friend Korin.

A diaper don't from Aba.
Cool shades, dude.
Anyone notice who is missing from all these pictures?