Thursday, April 19, 2007

As promised, here are some pictures of our day...

First we woke up all smiles. Well, Chaya and Shira woke up...Batya slept in my arms until her sisters were finally able to wake her up.

Here you can see Shira's new teeth. Chaya has similar ones but is very tight lipped.

Then it was breakfast time. Oatmeal, yogurt (black cherry), O cereal, Sesame Street cookies and some water.

Then we got into the car to start our errands.

We dropped some water off at Aba's office

before going to buy our new stroller.

Then it was grocery shopping on Pico with snacks in the car on the way home.
At home, we put away the groceries.

And then Ima put together our new walker and we got our official 1 year picture taken with it.

Then it was dinner time. Fish, avocado, potatoes, some more O's and applesauce as dessert.

Shira took a nap.

Then it was bed time, but Shira just played.
Everyone was asleep by 8:30.