Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yay!!! They released their hold on the blog! I was finally going to upload some pics when it got frozen for "spam". I got a new computer and it is in the breakfast area, so it makes it really easy to upload pics. I also have a web cam in it, so YIM me and you can find out what the girls are up to, LOL.

First, the stats from their 15 month appointment, even thought they were 16 months at the time.

Chaya: 20-5 (3%) and 31 inches (82%) Tall and skinny
Shira: 23-1 (46) and 32 inches (82%) She's solid. You wouldn't think she was that heavy just looking at her.
Batya: 22 (29%) and 32 inches (82%) I think this might be off, though, because Shira can walk under the dining room table and Batya can't. Also, when they stand next to each other, Batya definitely looks taller.

Next appointment is in October after we come back from Israel.

Yep, we are going to Israel! Just got our passports and tickets in the mail today. it will be a military operation getting 2 adults, 3 toddlers, a double stroller, 3 car seats, 3 carry-ons and up to 6 pieces of luggage through the airport, though.

We've been having some sort of virus running through the house. Shira got it first, then Chaya, Batya and myself. I can tell you, if they feel anything like I do (achy, cranky, crampy and sore) it is no wonder they have been fussy and not sleeping well. At least I know why I feel like this and that it will pass soon. Poor girls.

And here are some pictures:

Chaya and how she stays so slim. (She took the container of cantaloupe off the table and sat down to eat it.)

Batya and sidewalk chalk from Aunt Kathy, Uncle Jason and Emma's birthday present. You should see my patio!

Batya and Chaya climbed into the stroller for snack time.

Shira's smile.

From the great carseat hunt. I think we are going with the Radian (the grey one Shira is sitting in) sinc eI can get 3 on the back seat.