Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Getty

I just realized I didn't share our "Family Fun Day" plans. Basically, every Sunday through the month of September we are making an effort to go out as a family and enjoy these last bits of summer. Soon we'll be caught up in the Holiday rush, then a trip to Israel then Hanukkah and winter.

Last Sunday was Danny's birthday so we went out to see him and had a small family party. I'll post some pics from that later.

Today we went to the Getty Center. It was fun and it was really nice because when the girls started getting fussy we left without feeling the need to finish looking at the exhibits that we wanted to see.

I packed lunches so we ate outside near the water.

The family area is incredible. I didn't get any great pictures of it, but they are little cubicles with enlarged interactive rooms based on exhibits. The girls' favorite was based on a photo mural by David Hockney and had lenses that you could look in through and large magnets so you could create your own mural and mirrors that you moved to change the view of the mural. And, of course, they managed to find some books.

Finally, we headed for the flowering maze. Not really a maze, but that's what it is called. The girls loved being able to touch and smell all of the flowers.

I haven't decided what is up for next Sunday. We'd like to visit the Getty Villa, but a timed entrance isn't necessarily a good thing for us. maybe the Skirball or Kidspace.